Pull Up A Chair

We’re pioneers that live on the bleeding edge of what’s possible.

We’ve been around since 2010, conceived as a game dev studio dedicated to training and mentoring college students in order to transform them from industry neophytes to accomplished professionals. In 2013, we pivoted away from outsourced game development, embracing our current identity of a team of experts in emerging tech ready for partnerships with like-minded souls. We’re like if Bob Ross were a futurist who made awesome tech; there’s a lot of empty space to work with and filling it is a joy before it is a chore. Your ideas, however intangible, are the foundations of better business and better technology. We believe that enough to partner with you to solve seemingly impossible problems.

We have a rich history handcrafting imaginative solutions to tech problems that live at the intersection of technology, games, and education. Leveraging techniques of gamification, real-world data harnessed in real-time, and experiential learning, we here at YETi CGI are passionate about connecting people with the world around them and the potential within them. When we invent a new platform to solve a problem, the world benefits from our labor. The scope of every project on the frontier of technology is practically illimitable.

When you think of technological innovation, the companies and individuals that come to mind are those with the capital and the passion to implement “someday” ideas in the present, futurists not content with waiting. And it’s a good thing, too: those projects that deal with hypotheticals – with solutions within frameworks that haven’t been conceived yet – are the driving force behind the broad-scale tech development of recent decades.

And that’s what we do here: dream with our boots on.



Brian Williams, Ph.D.

President of YETi, Brian is a Contract Management Professional and a service-disabled veteran with specialized knowledge in operations analysis and strategic solution delivery. His ability to perceive and mitigate performance deficiencies throughout the development process is invaluable for someone in his position of executive leadership. 


MAJ(R) Robert W. Bradley, PA-C, APA, Ph.D.

Senior Vice-President, Robert “Doc” Bradley retired from the United States Army after 27 years of service as a Special Forces (Green Beret) medic and physician assistant, and he also holds a Ph.D. in Governance. During his time in the military, Doc conducted Civil Support operations throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa, & Asia, among other duties both medical and martial. Doc has extensively contributed to military medical doctrine and has frequently lectured at the U.S. Army Academy of Health Sciences.


Ryan Pierson

Deputy Director of Operations, Ryan is a service-disabled veteran retired from the U.S. Army after twelve years of experience. At YETi, his experience in logistical troubleshooting, quality assurance, and process optimization has allowed him to find numerous niches from which to lever company wide success. Ryan is especially keen on turning executive vision into well conceived, sleek plans of action, and further on providing the leadership and accountability such plans require to succeed.


Josh Freeney

Technology Lead, Josh is a guru of programming and project development across a number of platforms. His areas of expertise are numerous: he’s the guy who knows a lot about a lot and having him as the technology lead is the cornerstone of YETi’s motility. Since he cut his teeth developing titles for AOL, Josh has run the gamut of development from mobile applications and social media to web-based and PC platforms. Josh spent several years as an instructor at Ferris State University teaching game development while, at the same time, perfecting his understanding of what’s impossible, what’s improbable, and what’s inevitable.


Ward Makielski

Design Lead, Ward has an extensive client history including Disney, Pixar, LEGO, EA, Mattel, Marvel, Cartoon Network, and Universal. Ward was also a faculty member and department chair at Ferris State University in Grand Rapids, MI in Digital Animation and Game Design.


Robert Boorman

Robert is passionate about developing and delivering the next foundational technological element for businesses. Robert is an expert in engineering secure data centers that utilize cloud-based architecture and is comfortable with big data projects, data analysis, and rapidly developing prototypes that drive business capability into the future at a steady clip.




Wherever you are in your process, we can bring our expertise to bear on making your idea a reality. Reach out when you're ready to talk. We're out here on the frontier together: might as well make something wild.